2020-04-29 - Announcing Pushing All Syncable Assets to PSA

We are pleased to announce that with a one-time push, you can now easily sync all of your eligible IT Glue Organizations, Configurations, Contacts, and Locations to your PSA that has two-way sync enabled. This feature is available for our partners on Select and Enterprise plans who are switching to a new PSA solution or adopting their first PSA.

How does this work?

If IT Glue is currently your single source of truth, this push allows you to quickly sync all your well-documented assets at once instead of having to manually edit, save, and push each one before completing a sync. This feature is available if your PSA is capable and enabled for two-way syncing. Currently, ConnectWise, Autotask, Kaseya BMS, and Pulseway PSA allow two-way syncing.

Getting Started

For details on how to push all your syncable assets to your new PSA, please review our Pushing All Syncable Assets to PSA KB article.

Follow the steps in the article to make a request for the push with our IT Glue Support Team. Our Support Team will ensure that your environment is ready for the sync and then complete the action for your account.

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