2021-02-04 - Announcing Password Access Workflow in IT Glue

Taking password security one step further, we are pleased to announce that our new Password Access Workflow can trigger notifications automatically anytime a sensitive password is accessed in the platform.

How does it work?

Managers and Administrators can now set up a Password Access Workflow in IT Glue to receive instant notifications each time a sensitive password is accessed. Once this workflow is set, you can stay aware of all actions made to view or copy high-security level passwords in the platform. You can also use our new accessed_by workflow variable to see who has accessed the password. This workflow will also apply to any GlueConnected accounts once it is set up in the primary account.

This real-time knowledge allows you to audit day-to-day password-related actions efficiently, be immediately aware of any potential misuse or suspicious activities, and reduce the time gap between a potential compromise/exposure and the subsequent check performed after by an administrator.

Getting Started

To set up the Password Access Workflow for your IT Glue instance, please refer to our KB article here.

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