2021-04-07 - Announcing New Options for ConnectWise Manage Integration

We are pleased to announce a new sync option for our partners with active ConnectWise Manage integrations. Using one of these two options, you can configure your sync process with even more precision and control of what data is pulled into your IT Glue account from ConnectWise.


How does it work?


During the setup of your IT Glue and ConnectWise Manage integration, you will see two sync options in the Sync Settings tab.


  • First option: “Sync where any company types are checked”. Allows you to sync over any ConnectWise companies that have at least one type checked in your integration settings.
  • Second option (checked by default): “Sync where all company types are checked”. Allows you to sync only ConnectWise companies whose company types are checked in your integration settings.


To view these options in your existing ConnectWise integration, simply click the Actions drop-down menu in the Account > Integrations page and select Sync Settings


Getting Started


To see both options available for your ConnectWise Manage sync, refer to our Integrating with ConnectWise Manage KB article.

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