2021-03-17 - Announcing VSA Agent Status on Network Glue Diagrams

We are excited to announce our newest Network Glue enhancement! Now, our partners who have active Kaseya VSA integrations can view VSA agent statuses directly on their Network Glue network diagrams. This allows you to quickly identify if the VSA agent status is online or offline for specific devices and streamline your troubleshooting processes.

How does it work?

Once you have successfully integrated with Kaseya VSA, you can view and filter by agent status on your network diagrams if your Network Glue devices are matched to IT Glue Configurations. On the diagram, VSA agent icons will show one of these agent statuses: agent is currently online, agent is currently offline, or VSA agent is online and user is currently logged in. You also have the ability to filter your network diagram by searching for one of these three VSA agent statuses. In addition, you can also filter for devices that are either matched or not matched to IT Glue through the "Matched to IT Glue" status.

Getting Started

To set up an integration with Kaseya VSA, refer to our Integrating with Kaseya VSA KB article. For more details on viewing VSA agent statuses on your network diagram, refer to our Guide to Network Glue network diagram KB article.

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