2021-01-25 - Announcing GlueConnect Universal Search

IT Glue's search feature allows you to quickly find information in your account from wherever you are in the platform. Now, we're excited to announce that our search can now span across multiple IT Glue accounts associated through GlueConnect.

How does it work?

For IT Glue users that are connected to more than one IT Glue account via GlueConnect, you can change the parameters of your global search to search all information across all GlueConnected accounts. This way, you can find information regardless of what organization or connect account you begin your search in.

Toggle the search parameters to search across all GlueConnect accounts by clicking the icon in the search bar. It will shuffle between Global, Organizational, and GlueConnect. When searches are set to GlueConnect, your search will return all global results AND GlueConnect results.

Getting Started

For all details on the GlueConnect universal search function, refer to our Search KB article.

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