2021-03-18 - Announcing Improved Search for IT Glue & MyGlue

Using the search feature in IT Glue and MyGlue allows you to quickly find information without you having to exit the screen you're working in. We are pleased to announce several improvements made to our search feature so you can make the most of this capability.

What’s Improved?

  • Searching a word will rank Organization, Document, and Password results that begin with that exact word before considering those that include that word or a pluralized version of the word in the name.
  • A specific combination of searched words will return Organization results with that exact match before returning Organization(s) that include those words in the name and its associated records.
  • Quick notes are better indexed for finding Organizations.

Search Tips

Using keyboard shortcuts within the platform can make your search experience more convenient. Find the specific asset type you’re looking for faster with the below shortcuts:

To search for... Press this key...
Configurations C
Contacts E
Documents D
Domains W
Flexible Assets F
Locations L
Organizations O
Passwords P
SSL Certificates S
Tickets T

Further Reading

To learn more about our Search feature, please visit our Search and Search Best Practices KB articles.

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