Announcing GlueX 2021 Features

For the second time, GlueX has gone entirely virtual! At this year’s annual user conference, we are hosting two full days of content focusing on themes of innovation, evolution, and mastery. GlueX is IT Glue’s cornerstone brand experience where our attendees learn from and network with the GlueCrew, entrepreneurial giants in the IT industry, and their most progressive MSP peers in the channel.

For our partners who are unable to attend GlueX, please see the summary of our newly released features below:

New Features

Servicenow Integration: Servicenow has been added to the supported Primary Integrations. Partners working in both systems can make updates to Contacts, Configurations and Companies in Servicenow and have these be automatically reflected in IT Glue! Visit the KB for more information.

Personal Passwords: Personal “work” passwords can now be stored in IT Glue so that our users can keep all work passwords (shared and personal) inside a single application. Users with role of Editor and above can now save my personal work passwords in IT Glue by selecting a new security setting, "Only Me" when creating or editing a password. Go to Personal (previously My Tasks) in the header > Personal Passwords to view all your saved personal passwords across all organizations. Please see the KB for more information.

Chrome Extension (IT Glue and MyGlue) - Password Auto Create: The Chrome Extension now automatically offers to save new passwords to your IT Glue or MyGlue account eliminating the process of having to save these passwords manually. Please see the KB article for more information. 

Default Checklist Templates: Partners may find it helpful to import our default templates when creating checklists for some common MSP processes. These templates include TruMethods approved business-related checklists (myITchecklists(tm)). Please see the KB article for more information around templates. 

Default Onboarding Checklist: Partners new to IT Glue can now self-onboard via the Default Onboarding Checklist to begin using IT Glue to bring value to their business at the earliest opportunity. This checklist contains links to helpful Academy courses and KB articles guiding the user through a similar onboarding experience as the Deployment Guide, but right from within their IT Glue account. This checklist is fully configurable and can be disabled or removed. 

Default Workflows: New accounts will have a few key workflows enabled by default. These are set to notify the first account Administrator when Configurations, Domains, SSLs or Flexible Assets in their account are nearing expiration. Default Workflows are fully configurable and can be disabled or removed.

BMS Live Ticketing: For partners with a BMS/ IT Glue integration, support technicians can now see all tickets assigned to them in Personal > My Tickets area in IT Glue. Support technicians can now edit tickets when viewing them directly in IT Glue. Please ensure that there are sufficient permissions in both, IT Glue and BMS. Please visit the KB for more information. 

Vorex Two-Way Sync: Partners using Vorex and ITG can now rely on the two-way sync feature to have changes to their assets in IT Glue be automatically reflected in Vorex. Please visit the KB article for more information.

MyGlue Branding: Partners can now upload a custom logo for their managed MyGlue accounts.

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