IP Access Control

IT Glue Administrators can set up IP Access Control to ensure only specific IP addresses and ranges can access their IT Glue account.

1. IP Access Control is only available for IT Glue and does not apply to any of your managed MyGlue accounts. Setting IP Access Control to specific IPs will prevent logins from the IT Glue mobile app, unless the device is on a network included in the allow-list.

2. If SSO and IP Access Control is enabled, if the user's IP is on the allowed list, SSO login will work. If the user's IP is not in the allowed list, they will get to see a Forbidden page with a message to contact their IT Glue Administrator.


1. Navigate to Account > Settings > IP Access Control tab. Access from all IP addresses will be allowed by default. Screen_Shot_2021-10-19_at_2.35.13_PM.png

2. To create an allow-list, select Allow specific IP addresses radio button and enter the IP addresses you wish to allow access to your account. You can add individual addresses or IP ranges in CIDR notation. Enter multiple IP addresses or ranges in one go by separating entires with a comma or space.

Note: At this time we allow a maximum of 200 single IPs or range entries to your allow-list. You will be notified if you attempt to exceed the limit.


If you enter an invalid IP address or range it will be highlighted and you will need to edit the entry before saving it to your allow-list. 

Note: You must save your own IP address to the whitelist right away, to ensure you do not lose access to your account. If you attempt to save a whitelist without your current IP you will see an error message.


To edit your allow-list click on the edit icon in the top-right corner of the grid. You will be able to edit all your entries, including notes, and save all the changes with one click. 

To search for a specific IP value or note, start typing your address or keywords into the search bar to filter the grid by all matching results.

Note: If you chose to switch from Allow specific IP addresses back to Allow access from all IP addresses your existing allow-list will not be kept. You will see a warning message and can choose to proceed or cancel. If you switch back to Allow specific IP addresses you will need to re-create your allow-list.


Anyone attempting to access your subdomain.itglue.com pages from a blocked IP address will see a Forbidden page with a message to contact their IT Glue Administrator instead of the login page.

Integrations with 3rd Party Vendors

Setting IP Access Control to specific IPs will limit all login and API access to IT Glue to the addresses specified.

If you have active integrations with any of the following vendors, please see the list of vendor IPs for and include them in your allow-list to ensure integrations continue working as expected.

  • Liongard
  • MyITprocess
  • Compliance Manager
  • Domotz
  • Lifecycle insights
  • vCIO toolbox
  • DeskDirector
  • Quickpass
  • Chatgenie
  • RFT
  • ChewHu
  • Backup Radar
  • BrightGauge
  • ScalePad
  • Threatlocker
  • Crushbank
  • N-able
  • Deskware
  • Cytracom
  • Namada


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