Personal Passwords

Easily access and manage your personal work passwords directly in IT Glue. Your personal passwords are only visible to you and can be viewed in one consolidated view, on the account-level Personal Passwords page. 

Prerequisites: You must be an Administrator, Manager, or Editor in IT Glue to create personal passwords and view the Personal Passwords page.

Creating a Personal Password

Note: Personal passwords cannot currently be imported into IT Glue. Personal passwords are always General Passwords and cannot be Embedded


  1. Log in to IT Glue and navigate to Organization > Passwords. You will see the Shared and Personal tabs. Screen_Shot_2021-05-12_at_5.01.59_PM.png
  2. Click + New to create a new password from either tab.
  3. Security (right side panel) - Click the down arrow to expand the Security section. Users with a role of Editor or above can choose the "Only me" security setting to make a password personal.
  4. Fill out password fields in same way as you would for a non-personal password, and Save to add your new password.
  5. To view your personal passwords for an organization, navigate  to the Personal tab in the Password list view within that organization. 
  6. To view all of your personal passwords, click Personal in the top menu bar and then click Personal Passwords in the left side menu. 

Important Notes:

  • Personal Passwords can have OTP

  • Personal Passwords can be archived

  • Folders cannot be made Personal. One folder can contain both, Personal and non-personal passwords and will be visible on both the Personal and General Password tabs. Folders will not be shown on the Personal Passwords cross organizational view. 

  • Personal passwords can be bulk moved and bulk deleted. 

Personal Password Access and Security

  • Users with the role Editor and above can make any public or restricted password be their personal password by editing the password's security settings. A personal password can likewise be converted to a public or shared password. 
  • An IT Glue user cannot make a MyGlue password personal. Likewise, a MyGlue user cannot make an IT Glue password personal. 
  • Only you can export your personal passwords by navigating to the Personal Passwords tab on an organization's Password list view and clicking Export
  • Personal Passwords can be Vaulted
  • Personal Passwords will not be included in account exports
  • Personal Passwords will not be included in the Global password view
  • Personal Passwords will not be included in Global > Reports > At-risk Password
  • Personal Passwords will not be included in account runbooks
  • Personal Passwords will not be included in Global > Completion
  • Deleting an organization in which personal passwords are stored will permanently delete those passwords.

Personal Passwords in the Activity Log

IT Glue Administrators can see activity logs related to Personal Passwords without being able to navigate to the password record or view the password value.

If a password which was previously public was converted to personal, users who are not the password's current owner cannot navigate to its previous, public revisions.

If a password which was previously public or shared is converted to Personal, the activity log entry will read: Security Settings Updated. 

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