2021-03-24 IT Glue Product Update - Q1


Recent Releases

Bulk Archive

  • Documents can be archived in bulk by clicking into the dropdown menu in the list view and selecting ‘Archive’.

Include archive in search

  • Archived assets can be included in search by checking off 'Include archive' in the search bar.

Document Expiration

  • You can now set an expiration date on documents to keep track of any documents requiring an update.
  • There is an ‘Expires’ column in the documents list view where you can see the expiration date, color-coded red for documents past exploration, yellow if the expiration date is coming in the next 90 days.
  • A list of all documents with an upcoming or past expiration date can be viewed in Global Expirations.

Workflow trigger - Document Expiry

  • Managers and Administrators can now set up a Document Expiry Workflow in IT Glue to receive notifications when a document has expired or is nearing expiry.
  • Once this workflow is set, notifications can be sent to anyone responsible for managing the document, to ensure all documentation is up-to-date.

Workflow Trigger - Password Accessed

  • Managers and Administrators can now set up a Password Access Workflow in IT Glue to receive instant notifications each time a sensitive password is accessed.
  • Once this workflow is set, you can stay aware of all actions made to view or copy any or specific high-security level passwords in the platform.

Search Improvements

  • We have added improvements to our search for better matching on exact words, optimized results prioritization and better typo accommodation. 
  • Searching a word will return results that begin with that exact word before returning those that include the word or a pluralized version of the word in the name.
  • Common typos or spacing errors between searched keywords are accounted for.

ConnectWise Manage - New Sync Option

  • Our partners with a ConnectWise Manage integration can now sync companies where any company type is checked in IT Glue, to have even more precision and control of what data is pulled into their IT Glue account from ConnectWise.
  • Administrators can toggle between this new option and the default option of syncing companies where all types are checked, in their Sync Settings.

GlueConnect - Universal Search 

  • IT Glue’s search feature can now span across multiple IT Glue accounts associated through GlueConnect.
  • Simply press “G” to launch the search bar automatically and set your parameters to GlueConnect.

MyGlue Help Center - Publishing to specific accounts 

  • In our new MyGlue Help Center, you can now choose to publish your documents to specific MyGlue accounts of your choice in the Help Center.
  • On the document view page, choose whether to share the document across all MyGlue accounts associated with your IT Glue account, or share to specific MyGlue accounts only. This means that you can take advantage of the Help Center by creating targeted documents and SOPs that only apply to a handful of your MyGlue clients.

Active Directory - Security Groups Flexible Asset Automation

  • Using Active Directory, you can now discover and automate AD security groups as part of your Flexible Asset documentation.
  • As each group member associated with the Flexible Asset is automatically documented as a tag, your client contacts are then related to the security groups they belong to. On the Contact Show page, Related Items will automatically display all security groups that this contact is a member of. This ensures you are efficiently assigning the same permissions across all members belonging to the same group and cuts down on the time it takes to get a new user set up.

VSA Agent Status on a Network Diagram 

  • Our partners who have active Kaseya VSA integrations can view VSA agent statuses directly on their Network Glue network diagrams, quickly identify if the VSA agent status is online or offline for specific devices, and streamline any troubleshooting.
  • Once you have successfully integrated with Kaseya VSA, you can view and filter by agent status on your network diagrams if your Network Glue devices are matched to IT Glue Configurations.

Domotz IT Glue Integration

  • Our partners who use Domotz can sync their device and network data into IT Glue, as well as their IT Glue Organizations and Configurations into Domotz.
  • To activate this integration, account administrators need to generate a Custom API Key in IT Glue and proceed to follow setup instructions in the Domotz user guide.

Near Release

M&A Migration Service

  • If you manage multiple MSPs over several IT Glue accounts, you will soon have the option to migrate Organization data from an origin IT Glue account to a destination account.
  • You can submit an account migration request to the IT Glue support team and let our team help you migrate your valued data, relationships, and group/user permissions in an efficient manner to save you time and manual effort.

Servicenow Integration

  • With this integration, our partners using Servicenow will be able to sync their Servicenow Contacts, Companies, Configuration Items and Locations into IT Glue.
  • Administrators can select Servicenow from their list of available integrations, authenticate and specify which data they would like to sync. Sync settings can be updated at any time.

Vorex Two-Way Sync

  • Our partners using Vorex will be able to sync their IT Glue documentation changes automatically into their Vorex PSA, reducing the overhead of entering data twice and ensuring data integrity in both systems.
  • Once a Vorex one-way sync is set up, administrators will be able to enable a two-way sync in their sync settings.
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