2021-01-13 - Announcing Archiving Flexible Assets

Recently, we announced that you could now archive Configurations, Passwords, and Documents in both IT Glue and MyGlue. Now, we are happy to say that the archiving feature applies to Flexible Assets as well!

How does this work?

The ability to archive Flexible Assets in both IT Glue and MyGlue helps to keep your workspace streamlined and up-to-date, displaying only the most relevant data to your everyday tasks. As you further document more content and build out your client’s IT environments, you may feel the need to archive any inactive or old Flexible Assets that are no longer needed on a regular basis. Assets that you’ve archived can be unarchived at any time. You can also choose whether or not you want archived assets to appear in searches so you retain maximum visibility of all your data.

Getting Started

For instructions, please refer to our Archiving Assets KB article.

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