2021-01-04 - Announcing MyGlue Help Center enhancement: Publishing to specific accounts

At this year’s GlueX event, we were very excited to unveil our new MyGlue Help Center. Now, we are pleased to announce that you can choose to publish your documents to specific MyGlue accounts of your choice in the Help Center.

How does it work?

On the document view page, customize your read-only settings in the right side panel. Here, you can choose whether to share the document across all MyGlue accounts associated with your ITG account, or share to specific MyGlue accounts only. This means that you can take advantage of the Help Center by creating targeted documents and SOPs that only apply to a handful of your MyGlue clients.

Getting Started

To get started with MyGlue Help Center, check out our Setting up MyGlue Help Center KB article. After setup, direct your MyGlue users to this KB.

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