2020-12-03 IT Glue Product Update - Q4 (Video)


Recent Releases

Archiving Assets

  • The ability to archive Documents in both IT Glue and MyGlue helps keep your workspace streamlined and up-to-date, displaying only the most relevant data to your everyday searches.
  • As you further document more assets to build out your client’s IT environments, you may feel the need to archive any inactive or old ones that are no longer needed on a regular basis.
  • Assets that you’ve archived can be unarchived at any time. You can also choose whether or not you want archived assets to appear in searches so you retain maximum visibility of all your data.

Near Release

GlueConnect - Universal Search

  • IT Glue’s search feature can now span across multiple IT Glue accounts associated through GlueConnect.
  • For IT Glue users that are connected to more than one IT Glue account via GlueConnect, you can change the parameters of your global search to search all information across all GlueConnected accounts. This way, you can find information regardless of what organization in your home instance you begin your search in.

Workflow Triggers - Password Accessed

  • Managers and Administrators can now set up a Password Access Workflow in IT Glue to receive instant notifications each time a sensitive password is accessed.
  • Once this workflow is set, you can stay aware of all actions made to view or copy any or specific high-security level passwords in the platform.
  • This real-time knowledge allows you to audit day-to-day password-related actions efficiently, be immediately aware of any potential misuse or suspicious activities, and reduce the time gap between a potential compromise/exposure and the subsequent check performed after by an administrator.

Network Glue enhancements:

  • Active Directory - Security Groups Flexible Asset Automation
    • Using Active Directory, you can now discover and automate AD security groups as part of your Flexible Asset documentation.
    • As each group member associated with the Flexible Asset is automatically documented as a tag, your client contacts are then related to the security groups they belong to. On the Contact Show Page, Related Items will automatically display all security groups that this contact is a member of.
    • This ensures you are efficiently assigning the same permissions across all members belonging to the same group and cuts down on the time it takes to get a new user set up.

MyGlue Help Center - Publishing to specific accounts

  • In our new MyGlue Help Center, you can now choose to publish your documents to specific MyGlue accounts of your choice in the Help Center.
  • On the document view page, choose whether to share the document across all MyGlue accounts associated with your IT Glue account, or share to specific MyGlue accounts only.
  • This means that you can take advantage of the Help Center by creating targeted documents and SOPs that only apply to a handful of your MyGlue clients.
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