2020-09-29 - Announcing GlueX 2020 Features

For the first time, GlueX has gone entirely virtual! At this year’s annual user conference, we are hosting three full days of content focusing on themes of innovation, evolution, and mastery. GlueX is IT Glue’s cornerstone brand experience where our attendees learn from and network with the GlueCrew, entrepreneurial giants in the IT industry, and their most progressive MSP peers in the channel.

For our partners who are unable to attend GlueX, please see the summary of our newly released features below:

New Features

Flexible Asset List View: Flexible asset list views now load much faster and their UI has been refreshed to look like your core asset list views such as Configurations. These performance enhancements ensure that you can quickly browse through all your columns using horizontal scrolling in one view as well as filter your list in real-time. Further, our enhancement to the flexible asset list view table now preserves your desired columns after any modifications. Feel free to review our Introduction to flexible assets and Quick guide for flexible assets KB articles for more information on how to set up flexible assets.

Network Glue - Virtual Network Documentation: Network Glue now automatically discovers the virtual components of your networks including Hyper-V and VMware data, giving you full visibility into your virtual and physical IT environment and allowing you to document your virtual assets on one, trusted platform. New icons and connections on the network diagram mean your technicians can quickly determine the devices that serve as virtual machine hosts and pinpoint issues with more efficiency. To have your Network Glue Collector identify your virtual assets, refer to our Setting up Network Glue for an IT Glue organization KB article. To learn more about how the virtual documentation is displayed in your network diagram, check out our Guide to the Network Glue network diagram KB article. For further details on how your virtual documentation can be matched and enrich your IT Glue Configurations, please see our Guide to Network Glue device matching and Enriching IT Glue Configurations with Network Glue data KB articles.

Checklist Due Date Notification: This is the latest enhancement to the Checklists function already available in IT Glue and MyGlue, ensuring that your workflow targets are never missed. After creating a new checklist, assign it or the various tasks within it to members of your team. Each member will automatically receive an email notifying them of the new assignment they now have ownership of. Owners will also automatically receive an email reminder notification for all of their assignments at 7 and 1 day(s) before the due date if the Notifications setting on the user profile is active. Feel free to check out our Create a basic checklist KB article for more details on checklist notifications. For MyGlue users, you can direct them to this KB instead.

Archiving Assets: The ability to archive Configurations and Passwords in both IT Glue and MyGlue helps keep your workspace streamlined and up-to-date, displaying only the most relevant data to your everyday tasks. As you further document more of these assets to build out your client’s IT environments, you may feel the need to archive any inactive or old ones that are no longer needed on a regular basis. Assets that you’ve archived can be unarchived at any time. You can also choose whether or not you want archived assets to appear in searches so you retain maximum visibility of all your data. For instructions, please refer to our Archiving Assets KB article.

MyGlue Help Center: Use the MyGlue Help Center to strengthen your relationship with your MyGlue users on a wider level. Publish any general SOPs that you think benefit all of your MyGlue users to the Help Center where they can automatically access the information directly in their own instances. The MyGlue Help Center empowers your users to learn about and/or troubleshoot general topics based on their specific needs and timelines. It also allows your users to find instructions related to their IT infrastructure without having to wait for you, their IT provider, to get back to them. Not only does this cut down on tickets, but it also means you can focus your communications with your users on more complex topics and collaborative projects. To get started with MyGlue Help Center, check out our Setting up MyGlue Help Center KB article. After setup, direct your MyGlue users to this KB.

Unitrends MSP Integration: This new integration allows you to view backup statuses and appliance information of your Configurations directly in IT Glue. Unitrends MSP allows managed service providers to monitor and manage their backups and disaster recovery strategies in one centralized portal. Our new integration allows you to view this powerful information directly in IT Glue, eliminating the need to switch between the Unitrends MSP portal and IT Glue. By closing this ‘space between’, technicians can quickly access backup statuses, endpoint storage data, and appliance information they need without navigating away from the IT Glue Configuration they are working on. To get set up with this new integration, please refer to our Integrating with Unitrends MSP KB article.

Unitrends Backup Coverage Report: For our partners with an active Unitrends MSP integration, you can set up and generate Backup Coverage Reports for your Configurations synced with Unitrends MSP. These reports give you full visibility into your client’s devices, allowing you to pinpoint exactly which devices are not backed up and require immediate action. The generated report provides a summary count of all successful backups, failed backups, and unprotected assets as well as the Configuration name, type, status, last backup date, and last backup time for each successful, failed backup, and/or unprotected asset. For more information on this report, read our Generating a Unitrends Backup Coverage Report KB article.

BMS Live Ticketing: Take your Kaseya BMS integration even further with BMS Live Ticketing in IT Glue. This feature allows you to open, update, and resolve BMS tickets directly in IT Glue without having to switch between the applications. By streamlining this workflow, your technicians can focus on delivering value to your clients more efficiently. Learn how to navigate the new ticketing system in IT Glue by reviewing our BMS Live Ticketing KB article.

myITprocess (mITp) Integration: myITprocess (mITp) is used by IT and Managed Service Providers to establish comprehensive IT standards, build strategic roadmaps for their client’s technology needs, and maintain alignment in their clients’ technologies through reviews and impact assessments. With this integration, you can view expired Configurations directly from your mITp home page and create strategic recommendations targeting those Configurations immediately. This integration is available for all mITp accounts. Follow our Integrating with myITprocess (mITP) KB article to get set up.

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