Integrating with myITprocess (mITp)

For partners subscribed to Enterprise plans.


myITprocess (mITp) is used by IT and Managed Service Providers to establish comprehensive IT standards, build strategic roadmaps for their client’s technology needs, and maintain alignment in their clients’ technologies through reviews and impact assessments.

Use this article as a guide when you integrate your IT Glue account with mITp. With this integration, you can view expired configurations directly from your mITp home page and create strategic recommendations targeting those configurations immediately. This integration is available for all mITp accounts.


  1. In IT Glue, navigate to Account > Settings > API Keys tab. In the Custom API Keys section, click the + button to add a new API.


  2. Enter a name for your new integration and then click Generate API Key. You will need this API key in later steps.


  3. In myITprocess, navigate to Setup My Organization and click Setup Integration IT Glue.
    1. In the URL field, enter For our EU partners, please enter instead.
    2. In the API Key field, enter the key that you generated in step 3 above.
    3. Click Connect.


  4. Click Back and select Setup IT Glue Clients. For each of your clients, use the drop-down menus to match to an IT Glue Organization. Click Save to apply your changes.


  5. Once you have finished mapping the clients, navigate back to the mITp home page where you will see the new IT Glue widget.Click the widget to view your configurations and create strategic roadmaps recommendations.


  6. Expired configurations will be highlighted in red. Click each to review the Configuration Details side panel. Click Create Recommendation.


  7. Complete the required fields in the Create Recommendation form and click Create.


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