2020-07-09 - Announcing Network Glue enhancement: Enriching IT Glue contacts with Active Directory user data

We are pleased to announce our most recent enhancement to Network Glue - the ability to automatically collect Active Directory (AD) users and using that data to enhance IT Glue Contact documentation.

How does it work?

AD data collected by the Network Glue Collector can now help create new IT Glue Contacts with just one click, or enrich your existing contacts by automatically matching them to AD data.

In your PSA Sync Settings page, choose to automatically push new contacts created from AD data. Then, configure the contact attributes which will be automatically applied to these newly-created contacts. After you have successfully set up the Network Glue Collector with your AD credentials and complete a sync, a new Contact Matching page in Network Glue allows you to manage your matched and newly-created contacts as well as establish manual matches if needed. AD data will enrich your new or existing IT Glue Contacts with additional AD fields such as Status, Last Logon, Password Expires, and Last Password Reset.

With all of your AD data synced directly into IT Glue, you are able to easily automate and manage your AD user documentation directly within the platform, creating a single pane of glass for your client information.

Getting Started

First, you will need to enable AD in your initial setup of the Network Glue Collector. For instructions on how to do so, refer to our Setting up Network Glue for an IT Glue organization KB article. Then, refer to our Enriching IT Glue Contacts with Active Directory user data KB article for further details.

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