2020-07-16 - Announcing OTP Generator for Passwords

Furthering our dedication to password security, we are very pleased to announce OTP generator for passwords in both IT Glue and MyGlue.

A one-time password (OTP) is an automatically generated numeric or alphanumeric string of characters that authenticates a user for a single login session. OTPs are much more secure than static passwords as they are only valid for a short amount of time thus offering protection from replay attacks. Using an OTP means that you no longer have to worry about weak or guessable password composition habits. Also, OTPs greatly help mitigate risk in the case that you are sharing credentials on multiple accounts and systems.

How does this work?

Using a third-party authentication application to generate a secret key, a user enters the key in the New/Edit Password page. This initiates a rotation of a temporary six-digit OTP for that particular IT Glue or MyGlue password record that requires multi-factor authentication (MFA). A one-time password can be set up on each client password so you can ensure that your technicians have access to the respective OTP code as well as the username and password. Once initiated, the OTP code can also be viewed and copied on both the IT Glue and MyGlue Chrome Extension and mobile apps. 

Getting Started

For instructions on how to generate OTPs in IT Glue, refer to this KB article (link). For instructions on how to do the same in MyGlue, refer your clients to this KB article (link).

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