2020-06-04 - Announcing password folder security & single sign-on for MyGlue

We are pleased to announce that password folder security and single sign-on for MyGlue, both much asked for features, are now available. Learn more about each below!

Password Folder Security

How does this work?

Previously, we announced the ability for users to create password folders within IT Glue and MyGlue. Now, you are able to create security permissions for those password folders and ensure that the same permissions cascade down to all subfolders and passwords within them. Ensuring the inheritance of the same permissions helps to streamline your password management workflow and allows you to focus on other critical tasks.

If your clients are using MyGlue to securely store their passwords, they can also use password folders security to organize their passwords, including both team-based and business personal passwords. In addition, this capability also allows MSPs to easily collaborate with their clients, ensuring that both parties can access the latest passwords through secure means. Setting password folder security on your shared data means you can ensure that protocols are followed and that your teams have the same access, edit, and delete permissions.

Getting Started

Read about how to set up security for your password folders in our Adding and removing password folder security KB article.

Single Sign-On for MyGlue

IT Glue Administrators and Managers that have access to all organizations can now enable SSO for their clients. This feature is available on our Enterprise plans.

How does it work?

Many businesses use an Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool, allowing their users to access several websites and applications via one set of credentials. Enabling SSO eliminates the need for MyGlue users to remember another email address and password to access their data and work. SSO is also a key feature that can help drive adoption while streamlining your MyGlue user’s login workflows. Your MyGlue users that are already using SSO to log into their tools can now easily access MyGlue using the same, familiar process.

MyGlue SSO also supports Just-in-Time (JIT) provisioning which allows MyGlue users to be automatically created when signing in via SAML SSO. New users will have access to MyGlue immediately without having to wait for an Administrator or Manager to set up their account.

Getting Started

To enable SSO in IT Glue for your clients using MyGlue, refer to our Setting up single sign-on (SSO) to MyGlue KB article.

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