2020-05-26 - Announcing Checklist Notifications

Checklists are a strategic planning tool helping your team to capture recurring tasks, delegate work efficiently, and ensure accountability for your overall progress. Now, we are very excited to announce automatic checklist notifications for both IT Glue and MyGlue users!

How does it work?

Once you have created a new checklist (Organization > Checklist > New) and assigned it or the various tasks within it to members of your team, each member will automatically receive an email notifying them of the new assignment they now have ownership of. This eliminates the step of needing to log into the web application to access either the new checklist or individual tasks.

Users can elect to disable these email notifications at any time. In the Edit Profile page in either IT Glue or MyGlue, simply toggle the ON/OFF switch to manage the notifications for your instance.

Getting Started

This feature is already live and does not require any setup by an Administrator. Feel free to check out our Create a basic checklist KB article for more details on checklist notifications. For MyGlue users, you can direct them to this KB instead.

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