2020-05-08 - Announcing a New Field for Network Glue: Domain Role

We are excited to introduce the Active Directory Domain Roles for Network Glue.

How does this work?

To enhance your understanding of an Active Directory environment during your troubleshooting process, the new Domain Role field in Network Glue provides the role of a device within that AD domain environment including Primary Domain Controller, Backup Domain Controller, Member Workstation, and Member Server.

For our partners using Network Glue, Primary Domain Controllers and Backup Domain Controllers appear on the network diagram as a set of new icons, allowing you to better identify which devices to use while troubleshooting. In addition, this information enriches your existing IT Configuration documentation. Save time by quickly pinpointing which machines you will need to check into for remote access to continue troubleshooting.

Getting Started

For more details on the icons found in your network device, refer to our Guide to the Network Glue network diagram KB article. For more details on how additional data collected by the Network Glue Collector is displayed for existing IT Glue configurations, check out our Enriching IT Glue configurations with Network Glue data KB article.

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