2020-04-27 - Announcing New Fields for Network Glue: Manufacturer & Device Type

We are pleased to announce that the Network Glue is now able to detect manufacturers and the device type for your network devices.

How does this work?

Network Glue can now automatically detect and populate manufacturer and device type information to enrich your IT Glue Configurations.

In addition, the device type will also enrich your network diagram allowing you to visually pinpoint specific devices during your troubleshooting process. New device types supported include: Access points, firewalls, load balancers, modems, security, storage, and VoIP.

Getting started

For more details on the icons found in your network device, refer to our Guide to the Network Glue network diagram KB article. For more details on how additional data collected by the Network Glue Collector is displayed for existing IT Glue configurations, check out our Enriching IT Glue configurations with Network Glue data KB article.

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