2020-02-18 - Announcing the Vault

Two months ago, we were excited to bring you a limited release of our new Vault. In this limited release program, interested partners were given the ability to enable an additional security layer to their most sensitive passwords.

After incorporating feedback from our limited release partners, we are pleased to announce the wide release for the Vault!

How does this work?

The Vault (host-proof hosting or local-only encryption/decryption) allows a user to encrypt and decrypt passwords exclusively at the endpoint in the user's device with a user-specific passphrase.

The Vault gives each user total control with a user-specific passphrase, rather than an organization-based passphrase that every employee shares. Having a user-based passphrase means that only the user has the decryption key to the Vault and that the encrypted Vault passwords are meaningless to anyone without the user-specific decryption key. This also means an IT Glue administrator doesn’t have to change the passphrase every time an employee leaves.

Users that have access to the Vault can also access vaulted passwords on the IT Glue mobile app and Chrome Extension.

Vault is also available for MyGlue users. MyGlue users can access the vaulted passwords in the MyGlue mobile app and Chrome Extension.

Getting Started

For more details on how to enable Vault for your account, please have your IT Glue Administrator follow the steps in our KB article.

You can direct your MyGlue users to the Navigating the MyGlue Chrome Extension and Getting Started with the Mobile App KB articles.

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