2020-01-24 IT Glue Product Update - Q1 (Video)



Recent Releases

Office Cloud Editor

  • Edit your GlueFiles using the Microsoft Office Cloud editing interface.
  • Changes made using the editor are automatically saved in IT Glue.
  • Cut out the manual effort involved in downloading your document to make edits, only to have to upload them again.

Encrypted Account/Organization Exports

  • New encryption capability ensures that Account and/or Organization exports remain protected.
  • IT Glue Administrators can set a password of their choosing prior to starting the export.
  • Reduce the possibility that your exported data could be viewed by unauthorized personnel. Without the specific password, the zipped folder cannot be unlocked.

MyGlue Deployment Guide in IT Glue Academy

  • Sign up for the course in IT Glue Academy to learn about the best way to deploy MyGlue to your clients.
  • The course is designed to help you provide ongoing support to your clients.

Kaseya Powered Services

  • Get access to MyGlue sales enablement and general marketing resources in Kaseya Powered Services.
  • Access all of these resources for Kaseya products in one central platform.

Enforced MFA for MyGlue Accounts

  • IT Glue Administrators and Managers can enforce MFA for MyGlue accounts of their choosing. With two-factor authentication, MyGlue is raising its security standards even higher.

Mobile App Enhancements:

  • Barcode Scanning: You can take a picture of a physical barcode while on site. The app scans and identifies the code to return the associated configuration automatically.
  • Attachment Support: Attachments are now supported in the app. You can easily preview these attachments making data retrieval easier than ever.

Autofill Username and Passwords in IT Glue Chrome Extension

  • Autofill credentials that you've stored in IT Glue into the associated website.
  • Detect when specific web pages require stored credentials and then autofill it from IT Glue.

Automatically Document Ports and Connections in IT Glue

  • Network Glue now automatically documents your physical ports and connected devices in the IT Glue Configuration show page.
  • With this information, troubleshoot even faster.

Configuration Interfaces

  • Partners that don’t have Network Glue are still able to document their ports and connected to information in structured fields.
  • In the Configurations edit page, add each interface’s network information including IP addresses, MAC addresses, and both port and connected to data.

Visually Identify Non-Matched Devices

  • Through the Network Glue network diagrams, easily identify devices that aren’t documented in IT Glue. All non-matched devices are marked with a question mark symbol.
  • Use this during your business reviews with a client, or during onboarding, to quickly see devices that you may not be charging for.

Near Release

Vault - WIDE RELEASE on February 18, 2020

  • Host-proof hosting or local-only encryption/decryption technology.
  • Enable an additional security layer to their most sensitive passwords.
  • Encrypt and decrypt passwords exclusively at the endpoint in the user's browser with a user-specific passphrase.
  • Vault gives each user total control with a user-based passphrase, not an organization-based passphrase that every employee shares.
  • Available in MyGlue, IT Glue/My Glue mobile apps, and IT Glue Chrome Extension.

New Integrations

ConnectWise Manage integration: REST API Upgrade

  • Upgraded from SOAP to new REST API.
  • Continuing to add more functionalities soon.

Contextual IT Glue data in Kaseya VSA

  • Deepened our integration with Kaseya VSA.
  • When remote logged into a device via VSA LiveConnect, you can now see IT Glue data on the same screen. This eliminates the hassle of toggling between your RMM and IT Glue by providing a single workflow.

Coming Soon

Mobile App Enhancements:

  • Autofill credentials that you've stored in IT Glue into the associated website.
  • We plan to automate this process by detecting when specific web pages require stored credentials and then autofill it from IT Glue.

Manufacturer Lookup

  • Further enhance configuration information in Network Glue.
  • Manufacturers for the devices discovered by Network Glue are displayed so you can identify device types at a glance.

New Device Notifications

  • Receive automatic notifications anytime a new device is discovered by Network Glue.
  • Proactively bill your clients and enhance your services - the more you know, the faster you can place your security measures in place.

Upcoming for this year

ConnectWise Configuration Questions Two-Way Sync

  • Enhancing the sync we currently have to allow information to be documented as either IT Glue Core or Flexible Assets and as Related Items.

Kaseya VSA Agent Procedures

  • Running agent procedures, a common task performed in your RMM, can now be completed in IT Glue.
  • Sync the agent procedures per configuration.

Goal Assist Program for MyGlue

  • Under the umbrella of Kaseya Powered Services.
  • Get hands-on experience by partnering with a MyGlue expert and working with them to build a repeatable MyGlue sales engine.
  • Tailor your pricing strategy, sales, and marketing plans specifically to your business needs.

Special Promos

GlueX 2020 (September 27 to 29)

  • Early bird pricing is on now! Get your ticket for $399.
  • Choose from several of our free pre-day sessions.
  • Speak to your Account Manager for more details.

Kaseya Powered Services & Goal Assist Program

  • If you are interested in learning more about these new offerings, please visit itglue.com/product-update before January 31, 2020.

Q1 Special Deals

  • Save up to $7500 when you onboard more of your team with IT Glue. Visit itglue.com/product-update before January 31, 2020 to speak with a GlueCrew member for details.

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