2020-01-09 - Announcing Encrypted Account/Organization Exports

We are excited to announce Encrypted Account/Organization Exports, a new capability that further iterates our commitment to protecting the security and privacy of your data.

How does this work?

Previously in IT Glue, Administrators could easily export all data from one or all organizations in an account from the Account > Export data page. These exports, in zipped folders, contain Core and Flexible Assets in separate CSV files, Documents in HTML format, Passwords in human-readable format, Attachments, and Activity Logs.

With the new encryption capability, Administrators can ensure that the contents remain protected by setting a password of their choosing prior to starting the export.

How does this benefit you?

Reduce the possibility that your exported data could be viewed by unauthorized personnel. Without the specific password, the zipped folder cannot be unlocked. This ensures that sensitive data such as documents and passwords are protected by another layer of security.

Getting Started

For more details on how to encrypt your account/organization exports, please refer to our Exporting and backing up account data KB article.

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