2018-09-18 - Introducing IT Glue Academy

New to IT Glue?  IT Glue Academy is here to help. The perfect course for new users, Academy was launched to help our partners learn the basics and start using IT Glue right away.

What you'll learn

  • What IT Glue does
  • Navigating IT Glue
  • Introduction to Core Assets
  • Introduction to Apps and Services
  • How to use our Document Editor
  • Related Items and how they work
  • Understanding Integrations
  • Creating a Culture of Documentation
  • Become an IT Glue Certified Professional, demonstrating your knowledge of documentation
    best practices, and expertise at using and administering IT Glue

To find out what the Academy can offer you and what else you'll learn, read What Academy can do for you, check out What Academy can do for you.


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