Firmware/driver updates

This article explains how to create a custom flexible asset to record where firmware or driver updates can be downloaded and track related information, such as the release date and release notes.


For help creating new flexible assets, see Quick guide for flexible assets.

  1. From Account > Flexible Asset Types, click the +New button.


  2. Enter Firmware/Drivers in the Name field, select a relevant Icon, and enter a short Description.
  3. In the Fields section, edit your template to match the table further below.
  4. Click Save.

The fields your firmware/drivers Flexible Asset will need to have:

Order Field Name and Options Enable Checkboxes
  • Name: Name
  • Kind: Text
  • Hint: Specify a name that displays in search results, as tags, etc.
  • Required
  • Show in List
  • Use for title
  • Name: Configuration item
  • Kind: Tag
  • Type: Configurations
  • Hint: Select a hardware device.
  • Required
  • Show in List
  • Name: Firmware/Driver URL
  • Kind: Textbox
  • Hint: Enter a link to the download page.
  • Show in List
  • Name: Firmware/Driver file
  • Kind: Upload
  • Hint: Upload the download file.
  • Show in List
  • Name: Release date
  • Kind: Date
  • Hint: Enter the release date (see the release notes).
  • Show in List
  • Name: Release notes and URL
  • Kind: Textbox
  • Hint: Copy and paste the release notes and the URL.
  • N/A
  • Name: Notes
  • Kind: Textbox
  • N/A
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