IT Glue Search within Kaseya BMS

Find your IT Glue data without having to leave Kaseya BMS.

With the IT Glue Chrome Extension installed, activate IT Glue Search on any Kaseya BMS page, by just pressing ‘Q’, to see suggested IT Glue results.


  1. Install the IT Glue Chrome Extension.
  2. In a Chrome tab, navigate to a Kaseya BMS Service Desk or CRM webpage containing data also stored in IT Glue.


  3. Press “Q” on your keyboard.


Trigger IT Glue Search on the following Kaseya BMS pages:

  • Service Desk > Tickets > Manage Tickets
  • Service Desk > Assets Management > Hardware Asset > Hardware Assets
  • CRM > Accounts > Account Management
  • CRM > Contacts
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