ConnectWise Manage - IT Glue Export Report

Export ConnectWise Manage configuration questions & answers for IT Glue import

  1. Log in to ConnectWise Manage and navigate to System > Report Writer.
  2. Then, click on New > Report.


Note: By default, Report Writer is enabled for only the Admin Security Role.

Configuring the export

  1. In the Data Sources tab, select the following checkboxes:
    • Distinct
    • v_rpt_Configuration


  2. In the Fields tab:
    • Add fields as shown in the screenshot below.
    • Check Sort for Company Rec ID.
    • Check Sort for Config Rec ID.
    • Use the Function drop-down to specify Group (every field will change to this at the same time).


  3. In the Misc tab:
    • Enter a title (e.g. IT Glue Export Report).
    • Enter a description (e.g. Export ConnectWise Manage Configuration Questions & Answers for IT Glue Import).
    • Select the Limit Outputs to CSV checkbox.


  4. In the Filters tab:
    • Add fields as shown in the screenshot below.
      • Set Operator to Equals (Select) for:
        • Company_Name (leaving out this will run the report against ALL companies)
        • Config_Type
        • ConfigStatus
      • Set Operator to Isn't Blank for:
        • Question
    • Check Show Filters in Report Description.


  5. Save the report to be used for later. You may want to add a new category and call it IT Glue Export for clarity.


Working with the Report and Exporting data to CSV

  1. Ensure that this is what the report looks like.


  2. To view more data in your web browser before exporting, you can use the Results per page drop-down. This does not affect what data gets exported to CSV and only applies to how many results to display in your web browser.


  3. Use the filter drop-downs to specify the CompanyConfiguration Type, and
    Configuration Status (if applicable). Any configuration that does not have an answer will be omitted from the report.


  4. Click the Export to Excel drop-down and select CSV.


  5. Using Microsoft Excel, open the CSV you've just created and use Power Query to restructure the data into a format that is ready to import in to IT Glue.
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