Integrating with ConnectWise Manage

Important Note: 

Our PSA integration with ConnectWise Manage is getting an upgrade from SOAP API to REST API. This requires action from you by December 31, 2019.

  • If you are setting up a new ConnectWise Manage integration, please enter both the SOAP and REST API credentials. SOAP API credentials are required for the remainder of 2019 and the REST API credentials are needed by December 31, 2019 to ensure a seamless transition.
  • If you have already set up a ConnectWise Manage integration, please refer instead to our Setting Up REST API Credentials for the ConnectWise Manage Integration KB article.

Use this article as a guide when you integrate with ConnectWise Manage.

At any time, you can come back to the Active Integrations screen (Account > Integrations) to make changes to the integration.

The field mappings are set up automatically when you follow the instructions below. For more information, take a look at ConnectWise Manage field mappings.


  • An SSL connection with a valid certificate (not self-signed) from a trusted authority is required.
  • You must have Manager or Administrator access to IT Glue.
  • You will need to create an integrator login for ConnectWise Manage.
  • In addition to the integrator login's credentials, you need your ConnectWise Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)/cloud URL and your company database ID (e.g. mycompany).
  • You will need to have Role IDs, Levels, Names, Locations, Business Units, and Default Territories setup in ConnectWise Manage.


  1. In IT Glue, navigate to Account > Integrations and create a new integration using the ConnectWise option.


  2. Complete the fields in the integration setup screen.


    Note 1: You have the option of entering a Client ID in the setup screen. This is a unique identifier that can be obtained from ConnectWise.

    Note 2: Follow the steps below to generate the public and private keys needed to ensure a seamless transition from ConnectWise’s SOAP API to their new REST API.

    1. Log in to the ConnectWise Manage app with an account that has access to System > Members > API Members tab. Then, click the plus icon (+) > New Member


    2. In the next Details screen, complete the following fields in each section:
      1. Profile section:
        1. Member ID
        2. Member Name
        3. Time Zone
      2. System section:
        1. Role ID
        2. Level
        3. Name
        4. Location
        5. Business Unit
        6. Default Territory


    3. In the top menu bar, click the Save icon.


    4. Click the newly created member in the list view and then on the API Keys tab. Click the plus icon (+) and enter a description of the key. Finally, click the Save icon.


      Once saved, the public and private keys will be generated.

      Important! Keep the private key in a secure location as it will not be visible again after closing the window.


  3. Then, click Connect. From the Sync Settings Page, tell us how much of your data to sync. By default, recommended options are listed first. Your options may look different than the screenshot below.
    IMPORTANT! If your ConnectWise companies have multiple types, all types must be checked in IT Glue for these companies to sync.
    As a best practice, we recommend you only select the company types, configuration types and statuses, and ticket boards you actively manage. If you are integrating tickets, please ensure you have followed Step 6 in our Creating an integrator login in ConnectWise KB article, which requires you to add Service Ticket to the integrator login.

    Note: Enabling two-way sync will not automatically push organizations, configurations, contacts, or locations that already exist in IT Glue, back to your PSA. These assets need to be edited and saved individually to trigger two-way sync.
  4. Click Save. The sync will be automatically queued.
  5. You can use the manual sync option to prioritize the sync to start sooner. To start a manual sync, navigate to Account > Integrations, click Actions and Start Manual Sync.
  6. From the Active Integrations screen, you can see the overall sync status. When the sync is complete, the status column changes from Syncing... to OK.

Please note that when you initially set up the integration, you will be shown a list of all licensed user accounts in your PSA on the next screen, so that you can mass invite them to your IT Glue account. We automatically select all PSA users to be invited. If you don’t yet want to send invitations to everyone, be sure to individually uncheck the boxes next to anyone you plan to invite later or not at all. Next, click the Invite Users button to invite them to join. If you don’t want to invite anyone, you can also skip this step entirely by clicking the Skip link.

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