Autotask common questions

I don't understand the Default Material Code and Default Product Category fields. Can you explain them to me?

Autotask requires the Default Material Code and Default Product Category fields to be populated for all configurations, which is why you see them in IT Glue in the Autotask sync settings. After you integrate with Autotask, any configurations you create will push to Autotask with the default values you selected in your sync settings, if you have two-way sync enabled. These defaults may not be what you actually want each configuration item to be set to, so you may need to edit them from within Autotask to specify the actual Material Code and Product Category.

How do you setup an Integrator account in Autotask? Do I just create a regular resource? If so, what permissions does that account need?

We recommend creating a separate resource called IT Integrator, and ensuring the security level is set to "Full Access" or "System Administrator". You can also use an existing resource with the appropriate security level as your IT Glue sync credentials.

Can we map asset types in Autotask to licenses in IT Glue? Or can we change how we enter licenses in Autotask so that they will sync with IT Glue?

While there is no way to directly map the Autotask data to licenses in IT Glue, it is possible to perform a one-time conversion. You will need to export the Autotask license data to CSV and reformat that CSV to match the structure/columns of your License flexible asset in IT Glue. For help on this, see Importing CSV data into your account.

Are you able to map Autotask user-defined fields to fields in IT Glue?

Due to the dynamic nature of user-defined fields and API limitations, we're not able to support mapping user-defined fields to IT Glue fields.

Will user-defined fields for Locations sync to IT Glue?

They will not, unfortunately, in our new Autotask Location Sync feature.

Is all information visible in IT Glue returnable by your API?

Yes, all data pulled into IT Glue from Autotask can be returned from the API

How do Autotask Contacts work with the new Location Sync feature?

  • If an Autotask Contact has a Location specified, that Location will be pulled into IT Glue, associated with the synced Contact, and then synced with Autotask.
  • If an Autotask Contact lacks a specified Location, no Location will be pulled into IT Glue. 
  • If an Autotask Contact has a manually entered address, that address will be pulled into IT Glue as a new Location, associated with the synced Contact, and not synced with Autotask. For reference this is the same behaviour seen in the current IT Glue integration with Autotask.

How come clicking “Edit” doesn’t allow me to modify the Locations?

This is true of Locations that are pulled in from Autotask as described in the third point above. When Autotask Location Sync is turned on, these fields remain locked. To unlock it in IT Glue, you can create a Location in Autotask with an identical address, associate that Location with the Contact, and then perform a full sync to IT Glue.

In Autotask the location has a name, but in IT Glue the primary locations that were brought in are named by the Address field? How will this name translate over to IT Glue from Autotask?

When Autotask Location Sync is turned on, the primary location in IT Glue will be named the same as what exists in Autotask for the primary location. In most Autotask accounts today, the name will be "Primary Location" by default, so you will see your Location in IT Glue synced with this same name. If you've given the account location a different name in Autotask, this will be reflected in IT Glue upon syncing.

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