Add sub-docs to documentation

Sub-documents (sub-docs) are documents embedded in other documents. They can be useful for adding information that only makes sense in the context of the parent.

Sub-docs are similar to normal documents. They have security settings and revision histories just like top-level documents.

Sub-docs can be searched for, but not browsed to, in document and folders listings.

Keep in mind that sub-docs are dependent on the parent. They can't be promoted to parent (nor can a parent be demoted to child). Also, if the parent is deleted, the sub-doc will also be deleted.


  1. Navigate to the document you want to create a new sub-doc in.
  2. Click Add sub-doc in the right side panel. This will create and then immediately open a new sub-doc.


  3. Give the document a name and create the document content. IT Glue will automatically tag the parent document to the sub-doc (see Parent Doc section in the right side panel).
  4. Change the security permissions if needed. Permissions in a sub-doc inherit permissions from the parent document by default, but there is the option of setting unique permissions.


  5. Click the green Publish button in the top-right corner of the screen.
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