2019-07-09 - Announcing MyGlue default security permissions for passwords

The most asked for MyGlue enhancement is easily default permissions - specifically for passwords.

We are pleased to announce that IT Glue admin can now enable a default setting making it so that any password created by a MyGlue user would only be visible to that original creator.

How does it work?

In IT Glue, you are now able to set default security permissions for any of your clients using MyGlue. Edit their MyGlue account settings and choose whether all their new passwords will be visible to only the password creator by default, or to all members of the same organization by default. If the setting is enabled, password creators will need to share their passwords before other members of their organization can access it.

Getting started

For a step-by-step guide on how to turn on this new permission setting, refer to the Changing default security for MyGlue passwords section of our KB here

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