Understanding and deleting duplicates

When duplicates are created, you'll need to find and delete them. There are a couple of ways you could end up with duplicates, and you may have to approach each scenario differently.

Why duplicates occur

Duplicates can occur when there is existing data in IT Glue before performing your first PSA sync. IT Glue will not sync data that was already in IT Glue with your PSA data unless it finds an exact match (according to a set of pre-defined matching criteria).

Another common cause of duplicates is when you run an import of the same CSV data twice without taking the matching criteria in consideration. IT Glue does some checks to match data brought in from CSV files to data that is in IT Glue. Inconsistencies and incomplete details can cause duplicates.

Duplicates can also occur when changing your sync method. For example, if you integrate your RMM directly with IT Glue, and then later on you integrate your RMM with your PSA and your PSA with IT Glue, this may cause large numbers of items to be duplicated. You should always contact us before changing the way your PSA or IT Glue is integrated with other sync tools.

Other times, duplicates are created because your source data has duplicates. Make sure you use a naming convention that minimizes risk of duplicate entries. Note: If you have duplicates in your PSA, the best way to resolve the duplicate is by deleting it on the PSA side first. Whenever you delete something from your PSA that is syncing with IT Glue, it will become orphaned in IT Glue after the next sync. Then, it's just a matter of finding and deleting the orphan inside of your IT Glue account. If you have a Manager or Administrator user role, you can find all your orphans listed on the Manage Data screen.


  • You must have Editor, Manager, or Administrator access to IT Glue.


Removing a duplicated asset

Step one: Finding the duplicate

  1. Open Global > Assets.
  2. Click the relevant asset category.

Somewhere in this list will be the item you’re looking for. You can sort the list in a variety of ways, such as by the asset name, the organization name, or the date and time.

Step two: Deleting the duplicate

If one of the duplicates has synced with your PSA tool but the other one has not, it's a good idea to delete the one that is not syncing.

If the item has not previously synced to your PSA:

  1. Open the item.
  2. Click Delete.

Syncing items cannot be deleted unless they are disconnected first. If the item has previously synced to your PSA:

  1. Open the item.
  2. If the item has previously synced to your PSA, under your PSA's logo at the bottom of the screen, you'll see Manage | Sync now | Disable sync.


  3. Click Disable sync and then Delete.

After you do this, the deleted item will sync back to your IT Glue account from your PSA only if a user with Manager or Administrator level access chooses to reconnect it on the Manage Data screen.

Removing a duplicated organization

The steps for deleting an organization are the same as for an asset (see above).

Or, follow the steps to merge the two organizations, which automatically copies all information from the source organization to the target organization. When you merge organizations, the source organization is permanently deleted.

If you want to handle the merge yourself, you can manually copy data from the source to the target and then delete the source organization.

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