2019-08-06 - Announcing Chrome Extension Autofill Username & Password

We’re pleased to announce that both our IT Glue and MyGlue Chrome Extensions will now autofill your saved credentials into the associated website. We have automated the process by detecting when specific webpages required stored credentials and then autofill it from either IT Glue or MyGlue.

How does it work?

After you have logged into your Chrome Extension, it will automatically detect when you have accessed a webpage URL that requires credentials. If these credentials have been stored in either IT Glue or MyGlue, the extension will autofill them into the webpage.

In some login processes, the username and password fields are on separate pages. In this scenario, the extension will autofill your username first. Once you click Next, the extension will autofill the password as well.

Note to our partners: If you have partners that are using MyGlue, please ensure that you walk them through the new features in their MyGlue Chrome extension. Feel free to direct them to the Autofilling password and password learning and Navigating the MyGlue Chrome Extension MyGlue KB articles.

Getting started

For more details on this feature, refer to our Quick guide for the IT Glue Chrome Extension KB article.

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