2019-08-14 - Announcing MyGlue default security permissions for passwords and enforced MFA

MyGlue default security permissions for passwords

Last month, we were pleased to announce that IT Glue admins could enable a default setting that made all passwords created in MyGlue visible only to the creator.

As promised in our recent Q2 Product Update, we are announcing additional security permission options for MyGlue. In the second phase of this update, IT Glue admins now have the ability to enable a default share to MyGlue groups/users or specific IT Glue groups whenever a MyGlue user creates a new password.

How does it work?

An IT Glue admin can enable this new default security option for any of their clients using MyGlue. In a client’s MyGlue account settings, enable the option to have all passwords created in MyGlue  shared to the chosen MyGlue groups or users or IT Glue groups of choice by default.

Once this setting is enabled, password creators no longer have to remember to share their newly created passwords. In addition, MSPs will have the ability to have MyGlue passwords shared with them by default. MyGlue users will still have the option to change the default permissions.

Getting started

For a step-by-step guide on how to turn on this new default security permission, refer to the Changing default security for MyGlue passwords of our KB here.

Enforced MFA for MyGlue accounts

Another enhancement we've made to MyGlue is to provide IT Glue admins and managers with the ability to enforce MFA for MyGlue accounts of their choosing. With two-factor authentication, MyGlue is raising its security standards even higher.

You can turn on MFA for a MyGlue account when configuring the account, or by editing an existing account in Account > MyGlue. For instructions, refer to our Turning on enforced MFA for all users KB article here.

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