What is the session timeout length?

Web App

Browser sessions currently timeout after 5 hours of inactivity. Users can always end their session early by clicking on their name in the top navigation bar and choosing "Log out" from the drop-down menu.

If a user closes their browser tab without logging out then, depending on their browser's settings, they may stay logged in to IT Glue if they reopen that tab or navigate back to IT Glue from a new tab. The automatic timeout is set to 5 hours so that users do not have to log in again every time they step away from their computer or switch tasks, but also so that a computer left unattended does not remain logged in indefinitely.

The session timeout length is not configurable as an account setting.

Mobile App

The mobile app will timeout after 4 minutes once it has been "backgrounded". Once the app has timed out, you must re-enter your credentials to login. 

For Android devices, "backgrounding" means that the user has either:

  • Minimized the app,
  • Switched apps (opened and is operating another, separate app), or
  • Locked their device screen.

For iOS devices, only minimizing or switching apps is considered backgrounding. Note that locking the screen on your iOS device will not background the app. So, if you lock your screen with the app open, you will remained logged in indefinitely.

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