Out-of-band management

Follow these instructions to capture the management interface for a device with a dedicated management port.


  • Load the network attached devices in the client environment as configurations.
  • (Optional) Import or create a document with details on out-of-band access to the management network itself or procedures on how to power-on, power-off, or restart remotely.


  1. From IT Glue, navigate to an organization that has the device.
  2. From the Configurations list view, find the device, open it, and then click Edit.
  3. Scroll down to the Interfaces section, add the management port IP as a new IP Address for the device. The primary IP would typically be the IP address of the device's primary network interface.
  4. Enter Management port in the Name/Slot and the web administration interface address in Notes.


  5. Click Save.
  6. In the Related Items section in the right-hand side panel, add the procedures document you created further above.

After the port and detailed procedures are recorded, you should have the required information to configure or troubleshoot the device using the out-of-band connection.

Note: If the management port is located in its own VLAN/subnet, the LAN flexible asset is the best place to document the VLAN/subnet configuration. We'll introduce the LAN flexible asset later in the Documentation Guide. After you document the VLAN/subnet, you can then relate it back to the device and it will show up under Related Items on the device.
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