Set up a Lucidchart team account

IT Glue allows you to embed diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps directly in your IT Glue account with Lucidchart.

A team account is not required but is the optimal way to get all the collaboration and advanced features of Lucidchart.

Create your team

Team members can be invited, created, or uploaded in batches. The following step can only be carried out by your Lucidchart team account administrator.

  1. Sign in to Lucidchart and click the Team tab.
  2. Click Create to add a new user, group, or multiple users with a CSV file. Groups allow you to easily share documents and folders with a specific group of people. 
  3. Click Invite to enter individual email addresses separated by commas. Invitees will receive an email with a link that directs them to either sign in with an existing account or create a new account.

After signing in or registering, the user will automatically join the team and override any existing account or trial.

Share your folders

You may want to create a folder for IT Glue and share it with your team to help you collaborate. 

  1. On the Documents list, select a folder and click the share option.
  2. Enter in the team name, group name, or an email address for the collaborator and select the permission level. This person will receive an invitation to the folder.

After that's done, if you want to share documents with that collaborator, drag them to the shared folder. Once a document is moved to the shared folder, the collaborator has immediate access to it.

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