Follow this document as an overview to documenting switches.

Note that the LAN Flexible Asset is where you will capture the VLAN/subnet. This gets introduced later on in the Documentation Guide.


  • Load the network attached devices in the client environment as configurations.
  • (Optional) Import or create a document containing the configuration procedures. To document the configuration on the switch ports, attach a screen capture of the port, if desired. See an example below:


  1. From IT Glue, navigate to the organization that has the switch you want to document.
  2. From the Configurations list view, find the switch, open it, and then click Edit.
  3. Make sure most of the fields are completed (IP, expiration, etc.), like you would with any other device you manage.
  4. In the Notes field, enter the port numbers and VLAN information for the critical device ports. Note that you should also be able to enter this information as notes in the PSA and have it populate in IT Glue after the next sync.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save.
  6. Under Embedded Passwords (right-hand side of screen), add the web administration interface URL and management credentials.
  7. Under Related Items:
  • Add the critical devices that you listed in the Notes field.
  • Add the document containing the configuration procedures.

After that's done, you have the information that's needed to configure or troubleshoot the device.

Later on, when you start using your LAN flexible asset, you will relate the VLAN/subnets back to the switches you created as configurations, and they will show up under Related Items on the switch. See an example below:


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