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As your IT Glue account administrator cannot change any user profile details, follow this article to learn how to manage the profile settings for your user account.

Naturally, you’re welcome to change these settings at any time. However, your profile settings can affect what you see and do in IT Glue. So, as a best practice, please complete all the fields. Your name and photo are used to associate actions with users in activity feeds found throughout the app. Your time zone ensures that any actions performed on the site are stamped with the correct time.


  1. Log in to your IT Glue account. 
  2. In the top navigation bar, click on your profile icon in the top-right corner of any screen and select My Settings from the drop-down menu.


  3. In the Edit Profile page, update each of the fields. Your first and last name and email address are mandatory fields as they allow you to log in to and use the IT Glue Academy.
    Important. If you cannot log in to your account after changing your email address due to SSO restrictions, your Administrator will need to delete your IT Glue account and create a new one using your updated email address.
  4. Click on Select Image to add or change your profile picture.
  5. To change your current account password, enter a new one into the Change Password field. If you want to keep your current password and only edit other fields, either remove your current password from the Change Password field or, re-enter your current password in the Password Confirmation field. Otherwise, you will receive an error when you save your changes further below.
    Tip! You have an option of using a password randomly generated by IT Glue if desired. Or, leave this field blank if you wish to keep your current password.


  6. In the Theme Options section, click to toggle the switches and preview the AccountDefaultClassic, and Dark themes.
    1. The Account option is selected by default. This option sets your user account theme to the one set for the entire IT Glue account.
    2. By selecting either DefaultClassic, or Dark themes, your user account specifically will always apply your selected theme regardless of what is set for the entire IT Glue account.


      Important Note on custom interface branding:

      Custom interface branding is not available on the IT Glue login page if the account-wide theme is set to Default or Dark themes. To ensure that this branding appears on the login page, your account administrator will need to select the Classic theme by following the steps in the Theme section of our Account settings for Managers and Administrators KB article. Then, individual users can follow the steps in this KB article to select any theme they would like to apply to their user account.
  7. Click Save to have your changes reflected immediately.
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