Account settings for Managers and Administrators

Arrows.pngFast path: Log in as a Manager or Administrator and go to Account > Settings.

A number of account-level settings and services are available for configuration only by Managers and Administrators. Many of these settings are configured when you initially implement IT Glue for your organization.

To access any of the settings described below, log in as a Manager or Administrator and click Account from the top navigation bar. The Settings screen will load in the main pane.

Note: Administrators have access to all tabs that are available under your plan, but users with a Manager role only have access to the General, Branding, and Theme tabs.

There are five tabs on the Settings screen.

  • General
  • Branding
  • Authentication
  • API Keys
  • Theme

Click on the tabs below to learn about each one:

General Branding Authentication API Keys Theme

Click the General tab to view or adjust the following settings:


  • Use the Company Name field to change how your company name appears in the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the app and throughout your account.
    Note: Before integrating with a PSA, this name should be entered exactly as it appears in your PSA, so that your company data will sync in to your IT Glue organization. When you sync, a link is created. Afterward, you can change the name in IT Glue.
  • The IT Glue Web Address is your account's customized URL (""). If you need to change your subdomain, submit a support request that includes a timeframe for us to make the change for you.
  • Use the Generated Password Length field to specify how long generated passwords should be by default. This setting affects all password fields that use the Generate button to create a random password:

  • The Primary Organization is automatically set based on the company name used to create your account. You shouldn't need to change it.
  • In the Organizations Sidebar section, pay special attention to how you configure the sidebar, so that you are helping your team navigate your account to find the information you want them to see.
  • You can select the Display IT Glue IP addresses in addition to RMM IP addresses checkbox. If the IP addresses that are in your account are out of date, you may want to leave this box unchecked to show only the IP addresses from your RMM. For more information, see What does the 'Display IT Glue IP addresses...' checkbox do?
    This option is only visible on RMM integrated accounts.

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