Integrating with Datto

Use this article as a guide when you integrate with Datto, a hybrid cloud backup and recovery service. With Datto, a device on a local network will perform a snapshot of targeted systems and then back them up to storage in the cloud.


  • You must have Manager or Administrator access to IT Glue.
  • IT Glue talks to Datto's API to monitor for devices in the form of a read-only sync. For this to work, you need the Datto API key that's available from Admin > Integrations in the Datto cloud. For more information on this, see their KB article How to find your Integration API Key.


  1. Log in to IT Glue and navigate to Account > Integrations. Then, click on the green + New button and then on the Datto icon.


  2. Enter the API key (see instructions further above) and then click Connect.


  3. Next, you’ll be taken to the Sync Logs screen. The sync will be automatically queued. By default, newly queued syncs are scheduled to take place one hour later. To start the sync immediately, click Actions and then Start Manual Sync.


  4. When the sync is complete, the Status column changes from Syncing... to OK.

Upon completion, Datto devices and agents will display in list form from the Global page in IT Glue. Here you'll find your Datto device details and the protection status of Datto protected devices.

Additional Notes

  • You can integrate with multiple Datto accounts. For example, if you have separate Datto API keys for customer and internal devices, you can create two different integrations and connect to the APIs of those accounts.
  • Datto integrations don't count against your data source limit.
  • At this stage, the Datto integration does not automatically create configuration items in the respective client organizations. We suggest creating the corresponding configuration items for each of your on-site Datto devices and then linking the backup assets found in your Global > Datto list to the configurations as Related Items.
  • To manage a backup incident, you will need to access the Datto management screen on the Datto device.

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