MyGlue Deployment Guide

What You'll Learn

This section will guide you through everything you need to know to set up and deploy MyGlue to your clients. It provides three key scenarios for the deployment and administration of MyGlue.

These sample scenarios can help you design and deploy MyGlue configurations that meet the needs of your clients with regard to performance, security, maintenance, and other factors. 

An important note to our partners:

MyGlue is a collaborative solution designed to move your clients towards self-served management of their passwords, checklists, and internal documentation. With MyGlue, they are empowered to solve simple or repetitive IT issues on their own.

As their Managed Service Provider, your IT Glue account provisions their MyGlue accounts. It’s important to note that, per our Terms of Service, MyGlue is to be used by your external client base only, rather than internally.

Before Deploying MyGlue

Key information you should know before you start deploying MyGlue accounts:

Purchase MyGlue seat packs - Your MyGlue subscription consists of a pack of seats. These seats can be allocated as you see fit across any of your clients. For more information on what's needed and how to purchase your seats, read Purchasing MyGlue.

Understand the new account creation processThese instructions walk you through the steps for configuring and managing your MyGlue accounts.

Understand how MyGlue Groups and Users work - This article covers how to provision MyGlue groups and user accounts from IT Glue. An important security feature to understand: Grant Access to IT Glue Data.

Also, read Changing existing user’s access to MyGlue for instructions on how to move an existing IT Glue user to MyGlue.

Utilize the MyGlue Help Center - This article explains how you can create and share general SOPs to a centralized area in MyGlue that is accessible by all of your MyGlue users across multiple accounts.

Review Deployment Scenarios - Now that you've familiarized yourself with how to set up accounts and groups, you can complete these common deployment scenarios to prepare for onboarding your clients:

  • Value Added Solutions - MyGlue scenarios 1 to 3 are meant for MSPs to deploy for their clients as standalone solutions.
  • Value Added Services - MyGlue scenarios 4 and 5 are meant for MSPs to deploy for their clients as value-added services.
    • MyGlue Scenario 4: Collaboration
      What You'll Discover: How to deploy a MyGlue account for key client stakeholders that provides access to some or all IT Glue data and assets.
    • MyGlue Scenario 5: Self-Service
      What You'll Discover: How to deploy a MyGlue account to share IT Glue documented SOPs via MyGlue to help client users solve simple IT issues without your intervention.

Need more support?

Check out our MyGlue FAQs article or refer to this KB to get a helping hand as you progress through the deployment.

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