2016-11-03 Partner Webinar - Q4 (Video)


Even More Integrations

Here Now

Other updates you may have missed

  • Added Related Items count to Dashboard
  • Require MFA with SSO enabled
  • Quick Tour for integrations and RMM
  • Support for adding expiration to all SSL certs
  • Squashed plenty of bugs along the way

What’s Near

  • Engagement
  • GlueConnect
  • Document Editor 2.0
  • Notifications

Near Future

  • Preview attached documents
  • Word document importer
  • Public API (companies, configs, contacts)
  • Improved Filtering of Search/Related Items
  • Multiple user invites and custom messages
  • Improvements to Passwords
  • Flexible Asset revision history
  • Force SSO

Slightly Further Out

  • Notification filters
  • RMM improvements
  • Commenting & Flagging on items
  • Public API v2 (Flexible Assets)
  • Bulk editing and improvements to tables
  • Improvements to UI, particularly mobile
  • Export to PDF
  • Improvements to public documents
  • Restoring recently deleted items

Future Integrations

  • Warranty Master
  • AVG
  • Panorama9
  • Atera
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