2018-06-26 IT Glue Product Update - Q2 (Video)

Recent Releases

  • Per-Group Asset Type Security
    • Deny access to specific asset types globally
    • Any Core or Flexible Asset can be denied
    • Managed at the Group level
    • Available for IT Glue and MyGlue Groups
  • MyGlue
    • Help your customers drive efficiency
    • Lots of improvements in a few short months
    • MyGlue Action Pack available in KB and in-app
  • Checklists
    • Manage checklist templates
    • Easily create checklists and tasks
    • Assign tasks and due dates
    • Checklists and Tasks in MyGlue
    • More features in coming months
  • Checklists - Why?
    • Drive efficiency
    • Reduce ambiguity
    • Be “surgical” without complexity
    • Help drive accountability within your team and with your customers
  • Checklists Feedback
    • We’ll be marking the feature as shipped soon
    • Please create new ideas for new functionality
    • Please continue to give us useful feedback
  • Refreshed List Views
    • Core Assets only currently
    • Custom column views
    • We’re seeing heavy usage of new lists
    • Token-based searching
    • Much faster load times
  • Quick Search Asset Preview
  • API Updates
    • Passwords API (disabled by default)
    • API Delete
    • Related Items
    • “User Resource Accesses” (permissions)
    • Attachments
  • Kaseya BMS 2-Way Sync
    • IT Glue changes mapped to BMS
    • Organizations, Locations, Contacts
    • Time savings
    • Efficiency
  • Integrations
    • Watchman Monitoring
      • Automatic Sync
      • Organization and Configuration Links
      • No double-entry of data
    • Vorex PSA
      • Automatic Sync
      • Centralized information
      • No double-entry of data
  • PSA/RMM Links
  • Small Updates
    • Password font change
    • Create Contacts during Configuration creation
    • Create passwords via Chrome Extension
    • Multi-item relate in React sidebars (Document Editor and Checklists)
    • Per-asset PDF Export

What We’re Working On

  • Bulk Actions
    • Bulk Move
    • Bulk Security
    • Bulk Edit
    • Targeting Q3
  • Document List Updates
    • Additional supported file types (any)
    • File preview: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and more
    • Targeting Q3
  • Mobile: Configurations
    • View Configurations in mobile app
    • Targeting July
    • What next? Contacts, Flexible Assets? Editing Configurations or viewing more asset types? Give us your feedback!

Other Near-Release

  • Add Checklists to Quick Search Asset Preview (July)
  • Shared session between Chrome Extension and web app
  • Fingerprint/Touch ID improvements (one month session, automatic token renewal)

This Year

  • API: Documents
  • Commenting and Flagging
  • Flexible Asset Types redesign
  • Custom fields



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