Setting up the IT Glue widget in Kaseya BMS


This article provides instructions on how to set up the IT Glue widget in Kaseya BMS. The IT Glue widget allows a user to easily view IT Glue data while accessing information in Kaseya BMS. The two-way sync ensures that data is synced and kept up-to-date across both platforms.


  • You must have Administrator or Manager access to IT Glue.

Installing the ITG widget

  1. Log in to Kaseya BMS.


  2. Click on Admin > My Company > IT Glue Settings.


  3. In the New IT Glue Settings page:
    1. Click the Yes radio button under Enable IT Glue Integration.
    2. Enter a subdomain.
    3. Select the applicable geographical domain in the dropdown menu.
    4. Click on the Save (S) button.


  4. Navigate to Service Desk > Tickets to view the Manage Tickets screen.


  5. Open any ticket and click on the red IT Glue widget on the far right side of the screen.


  6. In the notification that appears, click the Connect via OAuth button and then on Authorize in the second notification.


The IT Glue widget is now enabled and will change from red to black as shown below.


Two-way sync

If you have already completed the integration with Kaseya BMS and enabled two-way sync, continue to step 3 below. If you have not, start at step 1 below.

  1. Complete the integration with Kaseya BMS. Refer to our Integrating with Kaseya BMS KB article.
  2. Establish a two-way sync with Kaseya BMS. Refer to our Enabling Kaseya BMS two-way sync KB article.
  3. In IT Glue, navigate to Account > Integrations > Kaseya BMS.
  4. In the Sync Settings tab, review the data that you want synced between IT Glue and Kaseya BMS.


  5. In the Two-Way Sync Settings tab, review the Enable two-way sync setting. Uncheck this function if desired. For partners with Network Glue and Active Directory enabled, configure your contact attributes so that new contacts created from Active Directory are automatically pushed to your PSA (learn more here).


  6. Click Save to apply your changes.
    Note: The two-way sync will occur at the next scheduled sync time. To sync immediately, navigate to Account > Integrations. Click on Actions > Start Manual Sync.

Next, refer to our Using the IT Glue widget in Kaseya BMS KB article to learn how to use the widget to view IT Glue data in your Kaseya BMS account.

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