2019-09-24 IT Glue Product Update - Q3 (Video)



Recent Releases

  • Password Folders: This was one of the most top voted ideas related to passwords in the IT Glue Idea Portal. Now live for IT Glue and MyGlue, enhance your password zen with password folders. You can organize your passwords in folders and take total control of how you group and classify your information. Use these folders to keep your password list view tidy while easily moving or deleting them in bulk if desired.
  • IT Glue Academy: The Academy is a complement to our Knowledge Base. Where the KB focuses on how to perform various individual functions within IT Glue, the Academy focuses on thought leadership and linking different functions together to provide a richer IT Glue experience. Our newest addition to the Academy is the MyGlue Deployment Guide course. This course is based on common MyGlue questions that our Partner Success team often receive. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know to effectively sell and deploy MyGlue as well as provide ongoing support to your clients. We’ve designed this course to support you every step of the way.
  • MyGlue:
    • Default Permissions (Creator Only): An IT Glue admin can now enable a default setting making it so that any password created by a MyGlue user would only be visible to that original creator. If the setting is enabled, password creators will need to share their passwords before other members of their organization can access it.
    • Default Permissions (Team Passwords): An IT Glue admin can enable this new default security option for any of their clients using MyGlue. In a client’s MyGlue account settings, enable the option to have all passwords created in MyGlue shared to the chosen MyGlue groups or users or IT Glue groups of choice by default. Once this setting is enabled, password creators no longer have to remember to share their newly created passwords. In addition, MSPs will have the ability to have MyGlue passwords shared with them by default. MyGlue users will still have the option to change the default permissions.
    • Enforced MFA per MyGlue Account: Although we recommend multi-factor authentication to be enabled for each of your MyGlue accounts, we’ve recently implemented the second most-requested idea for MyGlue. Now, IT Glue admins and managers have the ability to enforce MFA for MyGlue accounts of their choosing. With two-factor authentication, MyGlue is raising its security standards even higher. You can turn on MFA for a MyGlue account when configuring the account, or by editing an existing account in Account > MyGlue.

New Integrations

  • IT Glue & Quickpass Integration:
    • About the integration: We’ve partnered with Quickpass to help you tackle Active Directory passwords. By giving you the ability to reset passwords for your service accounts and domain admin accounts within one admin interface, you can shave down on time taken to deal with those types of tickets. 
    • Auto-update Active Directory Passwords: You now have the ability to have the relevant IT Glue password automatically be updated once a linked password is reset in Quickpass.
    • Import IT Glue organizations into Quickpass: Cut down on your onboarding process by being able to import all your IT glue organizations directly within Quickpass in one click. Save time in getting started in facilitating password resets.

Near Release

  • Dark Mode: Dark mode will be available to all IT Glue users on October 1, 2019. Account admins can select between the Classic (black and white), Default (purple and white), and Dark themes and apply it to all users in that account. Individual users can choose to stick with that global default, or make their own choice.
  • IT Glue Editor for Microsoft Office: Cut down the manual effort involved in downloading your documents to make edits, only to have to re-upload them again. Now, Enterprise partners have the ability to edit a variety of Office Online documents directly in IT Glue. Save time, edit using Microsoft’s familiar styling and formatting capabilities, and have all your work save automatically in IT Glue as you edit. That’s one more barrier removed in keeping your documentation up-to-date all the time.
  • New IT Glue Configuration fields - Ports & Connected_toTake your documentation to another level. With this information, you can record your physical ports and connections in structured fields and troubleshoot even faster. 
  • Autofill Username and Password for Mobile: When we first launched MyGlue, a common request was give users the ability to navigate to a specific webpage, prompting them for a stored username and password. Today, the process to inject these credentials is manual. We want to automate this process by automatically detecting when specific web pages require a stored username and password and then autofilling it within the respective fields on the page.
  • MyGlue SSO: The last thing you want your clients to do is to remember another set of credentials. Having the ability for your clients to login via SSO is currently the third most voted for MyGlue ask in the Ideas Portal.
  • Network Glue: 
    • Automatically Document Ports and Connections in IT Glue: We will be releasing the capability for Network Glue to automatically document your ports and the connections in structured fields within the IT Glue Configurations. Take your documentation to another level. With this information, you can troubleshoot even faster.
    • New Device Notification in Network Glue: Soon, you will be able to receive automatic notifications notifying you of any new devices that are picked up by Network Glue. Stay up-to-date effortlessly and never miss a thing.
    • Network Diagram Customization: Once Network Glue automatically document the port and connections for you. You have the opportunity to modify those connections or add any additional connections with the changes reflected in the Network Glue’s network diagram immediately.

Upcoming for this Year

  • Checklist Workflows: We’ve listened to your feedback and we will be further enhancing the value you get from checklists by adding notifications for when a specific checklist or task is assigned to you.

Special Promos

  • Documentation Essentials
    • For $295: Five Enterprise seats, Network Glue, and Bonus Update to Enterprise (if currently on Select or Basic)
    • Available until September 27th, 2019
  • Supercharged Networks
    • For $440: Network Glue, Network Detective (Network and Security Assessment), and Reporter add-on
    • Available until September 27th, 2019
  • GlueX 2020 + Show Specials
    • Get your ticket for $249
    • If you purchase any of the above promo bundles, get your ticket for $199
    • Available until September 27th, 2019
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