Setting up REST API credentials for the ConnectWise Manage integration


This article is for partners who have an existing ConnectWise Manage integration. Follow this KB article to obtain your REST API credentials from your ConnectWise Manage app which includes a public key and a private key.

If you are setting up a new ConnectWise Manage integration, please refer instead to our Integrating with ConnectWise Manage KB article instead. 


  • You must have Administrator access to ConnectWise Manage to obtain the public and private keys.


  1. Log in to the ConnectWise Manage app and navigate to System > Security Roles. You will create a new security role to be used for obtaining the REST API credentials by following the steps below:
      1. Click the plus icon (+) at the top of the screen.


      2. Enter a name for your new security role (e.g. IT Glue API integration) and then click the Save icon.


      3. In the Security Modules screen. Click the down arrows beside the Companies, Service Desk, and System headings to expand each section.
      4. In all three sections, replicate the permission parameters exactly as shown in the tables below. To do so, click the down arrows to change the permissions from "None" (default) to "All". The tables below only show the specific rows that will require editing.

        Companies Add Level  Edit Level  Delete Level  Inquire Level 
        Company Maintenance All All None All 
        Configuration - Display Passwords None None None All
        Configurations All All None All
        Contacts All All None All
        Service Desk Add Level  Edit Level  Delete Level  Inquire Level 
        Service Tickets None None None All
        System Add Level  Edit Level  Delete Level  Inquire Level 
        API Reports All All None All
        Member Maintenance None None None All
      5. After editing the permissions for each section, click the Save and Close icon.


  2. Navigate to System > Members > API Members tab. Then, click the plus icon (+) > New Member


  3. In the next Details screen, complete the following fields in each section:
    1. Profile section:
      1. Member ID - Enter the username of the member (e.g. IT Glue). A maximum of 15 characters is allowed.
      2. Time Zone - Select a time zone for the internal company. To set up time zones, refer to ConnectWise's documentation here
      3. Member Name - Enter the member's first and last name.
    2. System section:
      1. Role ID - The security Role ID controls the level of access to the ConnectWise Manage application by limiting access to functionality. Select the new security role that you created in Step 1 (e.g. IT Glue API Integration).
      2. Location* - Select the default location for the company. Any new record created by the member will default to the location set here.
      3. Level - Select the level of access that the member will have in the application. The member will be able to search for companies at the specified level and the ones below it. The restriction here applies to tickets for companies outside the location, as well as members.
      4. Business Unit* - Select the member's business unit.
      5. Name - This field corresponds to the Level field above. After selecting a Level, select a specific name associated with the structure level. To setup Name, please refer to ConnectWise's documentation here
      6. Default Territory* - Select the member's default territory.
      * For more information on how to setup Locations, Business Units, and Territories, please refer to ConnectWise's documentation here.


  4. In the top menu bar, click the Save icon.


  5. Click the API Keys tab and then on the plus icon (+).


  6. Enter a description of the key (e.g. IT Glue) and click the Save icon.


    Once saved, the public and private keys will be generated.

    IMPORTANT! Keep the private key in a secure location as it will not be visible again after closing the window.


  7. Log in to IT Glue, navigate to Account > Integrations, and locate ConnectWise Manage in the list of integrations. Click Actions > Edit Credentials.


  8. Complete the Public Key and Private Key fields in the integration setup screen using the API keys you generated in Step 6 above.
    IMPORTANT! To ensure a seamless transition, please DO NOT edit your existing SOAP credentials from IT Glue or ConnectWise; otherwise, the sync will be disrupted. The SOAP API credentials are required for the remainder of the year. Once IT Glue's transition is complete, the REST API credentials will replace your SOAP API credentials.


    Note: The Client ID is a ConnectWise-based unique identifier value. You can generate your own Client ID from ConnectWise directly or skip this field to have IT Glue provide its own Client ID.

  9. Click Update to save your new credentials. You will be taken directly to the Active Integrations screen. 
    Note: If your REST API credentials are incorrect, a red notification banner will appear at the top of the screen. Ensure that your credentials have been entered correctly and click Update again.


  10. In the Active Integrations screen, locate ConnectWise in the list and click Actions > Start Manual Sync.


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