2017-06-26 -Customizing your organizations sidebar

After our release of the Customizing sidebar based on groups feature, we're announcing an update that lets each user hide items that they prefer not to see. The sidebar scrolls independently, so it can handle as many items as your team wants. By hiding items that you rarely or never use, you can then focus on more important things... like onboarding new clients.

What's changing?

Everyone will now see a Customize Sidebar link in the left-hand sidebar for organizations.


By clicking on the link, the Customize Your Sidebar screen opens. Here items can be hidden at the user level by hovering over the item and clicking Hide. Clicking Show will add the hidden item back to the sidebar.


You will still find the hidden items by going to the Global > Assets screen or by clicking Show All at the bottom of the sidebar.

Note that Managers and Administrators will now only be able to customize the sidebar layout and hide items at the group level from the Account > Settings screen.

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