2018-05-15 - Improved Document Editor

Recently, we have started rolling out improvements to the IT Glue UI to give you a better designed document editing experience. Today's update includes consolidation of document view and edit pages in addition to faster response time when navigating from an Organization's Documents list view.

What's changing?

If you're a regular user, you'll notice the following change:

Improved Document Editor

As you can see from the image below, the Document Editor has an updated UI:


The "Edit" and "Preview" panes have been moved to the top-left and the "PDF", "Delete", and "New" all display in the right side panel.

With the new design, the wait time when clicking on "Edit" from a view page has been reduced and brings the UI closer to what we're moving towards with IT Glue. Functionally, the use of the Document Editor is unchanged. Users of appropriate role levels may create, edit, and delete documents as well as restore earlier published revisions to recover changes. 

For public documents you intend to share with a client, you may hover over your desired document in the Document List View and click the "Copy URL to Clipboard" icon to copy a client-friendly URL to your computer's clipboard.


Alternatively, if you are viewing a single Document which has been marked public, you may copy the URL from your browser's address bar. Clients who visit that URL will land on a public view of the document with a cleaner URL (e.g. https://mycompany.itglue.com/123/docs/123).

As always, we'll continue to improve the document editor. If you would like to see specific features and improvements, continue submitting or upvoting ideas in our feature request portal.

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